Healthy six packs!

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Why Juice?

Well, our gut and digestive health play a huge role in our overall health and energy levels. Over time our bodies have accumulated toxins and waste from every little bit of food we eat and don't entirely digest. Our body spends a tremendous amount of our energy digesting the foods we eat that aren't raw and plant based. A juice cleanse allows us to flush out the things that are weighing us down and optimizes our bodies for our best health.

What a juice cleanse can do for you:

1. Cleanse and revitalize your body.

2. Jump start weight loss and healthy eating habits.

3. Increased energy, complexion, and over all "glow".

4. Reduce inflammation and increase your immune system.

5. Help discover food sensitivities.

How do you do a juice cleanse?

1. Drink lots of water.

2. Start your day with a warm lemon water.

3. Drink a juice every ~2 hours.

4. Drink it like you're eating a snack - over the course of 15-30 min.

5. Take it easy - normal exercise / physical activity is okay, just nothing super rigorous.

6. If you're doing more than a one day cleanse - prepare your body for it! Start eating smaller plant based / raw meals more often throughout the day and drinking plenty of water.

7. When you break the cleanse, try to maintain clean eating habits for as long as you can!

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